7 Reasons To Book Your Vacation With a Travel Agent

While online booking platforms and DIY travel planning have gained popularity, travel agents still offer unique benefits that can enhance your vacation experience. Our expertise, availability, and personalized services help you create magical vacation memories while eliminating the stress of planning it all yourself. 

Here are some of the top reasons to book your vacation with a Travel Agent:

    • Expertise and Knowledge - Travel Agents are professionals with extensive experience and training in the travel industry. We are up to date with the latest destination information, travel regulations, and even money-saving promotions. Our expertise can be a huge help when navigating the vast amount of every-changing information online. You not only get our knowledge, you get the tips and tricks we have picked up over the years. 
    • Customized Vacation Packages and Itineraries - Travel agents will get to know you and will create a vacation package based on your needs, wants, likes, and even your dislikes.  This creates a much more personalized experience for you.  We do this job because we love to travel and love to help others create magical vacations. We will take just as much care planning your family vacation as we do our own.  You won't find that on a booking website.
    • Time-Saving - Planning a vacation can be time-consuming and there are often many options to choose from. Travel agents can save you time by handling all of the research, bookings, and logistics for you. We are the ones who will get up before the sun rises to apply new promotions, make advanced reservations, sit on hold for hours, and anything else you need. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on every day life.
    • Assistance and Support - Travel agents not only book your vacation, we are here with you from your initial booking to when you arrive home from your journey. In the case of unexpected changes, delays, or emergencies, your travel agent can assist you and help find alternative solutions. 
    • Deals and Discounts - When a new promotion is released, you likely won't quality if you book online or through a big box store.  There isn't much you can do at this point since you have accepted their terms and conditions (which you may not have even read). Alternatively, when you book with a travel agent, we will apply any promotions that are released on your behalf.
    • Flexibility - Booking online or through a big box store often requires full payment or a 50% deposit at time of booking.  For example, when you book a Walt Disney World vacation with a travel agent, all that is required is a $200 USD deposit with the balance due 30 days before travel.  Cancellation fees are also much more when booking online, sometimes as much as 60-70% of what you have paid.  This is a key piece of information that a lot of people overlook.
    • Personalized Service - when you book with me, you can rest assured that I will respond in a timely manner. You will reach me each and every time you have an inquiry, and no question is too small or insignificant.
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