Do you dream of planning the perfect Disney destination vacation but just aren't sure where to start? Did you start to plan but became overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information and just gave up?
That’s exactly how I felt when I was planning my first Walt Disney World vacation! I made all of the rookie mistakes because I just didn’t know where to find the information I needed.  Planning my first few trips to the Happiest Place on Earth was stressful and by the time my vacation rolled around I was exhausted from all of the planning and lack of knowledge.
I learned from my planning mistakes and started to document what worked and what didn’t. I’ve also picked up a multitude of advice, tips and tricks along the way and started sharing them with others.  Fast forward to today and I love planning Disney destination vacations...not only my own, I love helping others plan their vacations too. It is with great pleasure that I have turned my passion into a profession and have become a Travel Agent with Pure Magic Vacations, specializing in Disney Destinations and Universal Orlando Resort.
I am passionate about sharing my travel knowledge and am here to help you create the most memorable, stress-free vacation through a combination of my training and first-hand travel experience. I provide a concierge level of service and will work with you to create your customized vacation experience, wherever your journey may lead.  Best of all, my services and expertise are free for you to use! 




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