Walt Disney World Resort Height Requirements

Walt Disney World Resort Height Requirements
If you're a parent, there's a good chance you've considered taking your kids to Walt Disney World at least once. After all, it's the most magical place on earth, right? There are so many aspects involved with planning a Walt Disney World vacation, but one of the most frequent questions I get asked is about height requirements..."are there height requirements for rides and what are they"? The answer is yes there are height requirements, and they vary depending on the ride. 

Disney takes safety very seriously and height requirements are no exception; after all, they are in place for the safety of all guests.  If a ride has a minimum height requirement at one of the theme parks, there’s a good chance your child will be measured more than once, first at the entrance to the ride’s queue and again closer to the loading area. To avoid wasted time and disappointed children I recommend measuring your child at home before your trip and researching the height requirements for the rides at each of the theme parks you plan on visiting.  I also recommend doing a quick search of the rides your children will want to experience at the parks. Watch some videos with your kids (if they are old enough) to determine if the rides are suitable for them.  Just because they fit within the height requirements doesn’t mean they will enjoy the ride, or it won’t be scary for them.  

It is worth noting that even if a child in your party does not meet the minimum height requirements for some rides the rest of your party can still enjoy those rides.  You can utilize a free service called Rider Switch and I will go into detail about this in my next blog…stay tuned.

  • If your children measure over 48 inches tall, they will be able to ride all of the rides at Walt Disney World, if they are over 44 inches they will be able to ride all but one (Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster).  
  • Kids who measure 40 inches or taller can ride 92% of the rides at the Walt Disney World theme parks, while kids who measure 38 inches can ride 74% of the rides.
  • Most of the rides at the Disney World theme parks do not have a minimum height requirement and the list I have compiled does not take into account stage shows and play areas throughout the parks.  There is so much to do at WDW that even smaller children will not feel left out!
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